Ruhens H/C Water Purifier 300/340S

$347.88 / year or $197.94 / 6 months


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  • To use this unit requires a $220.00 refundable deposit.
  • Payments are pre-authorization on the 1st day of each service period, and we capture charges after 30 days you started the service.
  • Price is exclusive of installation

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  • Attractive and modern design
  • Stainless steel water tank
  • Solenoid push button system
  • High resolution display
  • Back light sensor
  • Hygiene guard
  • Hot water safety device

    Power Supply: AC 220V / 60Hz
    Motor Power Consumption: 120W
    Heater Power Consumption: 430W
    Cold Tank Capacity: ABT.4.2L
    Hot Tank Capacity: ABT.1.8L
    Stuffing(20Dv): 75 / 240 UNITS
    Stuffing(40Hc): 300 / 480 UNITS
    Cold Water Temperature: About 4°C ~ 12°C
    Hot Water Temperature: About 70°C ~ 90°C

    Permitted Water Pressure: 147kPa ~ 294kPa
    Permitted Water Temperature: 5°C ~ 35°C
    Usable Feed Water: Tap Water
    Product Usage Environment: Indoor (House / Office)

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    Payment Term

    Annually, Semi-annually


    Countertop, Standing


    Black, Sliver


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